Creative Economy,
The Promise of Renovationg Korea
“Creative Economy is to create new markets and jobs by
the convergence of science and technology with industry,
and the fusion of culture with industry based on
the blossoming people’s creativity.”
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  • CCEI – A Platform
    for Local Job Creation and New Industries

  • Centers for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEIs) are
    committed to the creation of local jobs and new industries
    through assisting SMEs to grow to be global ones. They
    also work as local Creative Economy hubs where viable
    ideas can be proactively turned into commercial success.

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  • What Do CCEIs Do?

What Do CCEIs Do?

  • What Services Do CCEIs Provide?

What Services Do CCEIs Provide?

  • A Platform for Commercializing Ideas

  • Creative Economy Town is a platform to embody your ideas to an actual business. It delivers the Creative Economy by sharing ideas and suggestions online

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  • Town idea
  • Anyone can
    post own ideas online.

  • Mentoring + Incubating
  • Mentoring
    + Incubating
  • Professional mentoring service
    to accelerate the successful

  • Public-private Partnership Support
  • Public-private
    Partnership Support
  • Entrepreneurs are provided
    with industry-tailored assistance.

  • Initiating Startups
  • Initiating Startups
  • Entrepreneurship seminars
    and training programs help start
    a new business.

  • Startup Campus – A Cornerstone of Global Innovation

  • Startup campus, the center of the Pangyo Creative Economy Valley, is a cornerstone of global innovation by clustering the largest startup office spaces, startup innovation hub, CCEIs, private accelerators at home and abroad, and global companies.

  • Support throughout the Startup Life Cycle

Support throughout the Startup Life Cycle

  • cel Nurturing Creative Economy with Cultural Contents

  • creative economy leader & culture enrichment leader (cel) builds a creative platform for a self-sustainable creation ecosystem from planning, production, consumption and industrialization of converged cultural contents. It is also playing a critical role in leading the Creative Economy and cultural enrichment as a foundation of economic revitalization.

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  • Simplifying Access to Startups

  • We reduce barriers to entry and initial costs to encourage anyone with ideas to start a business.

Accelerating Promising Tech Startups to Become Ventures

We improved the stock option trading system to attract creative talents, and the venture certification system based on technological capabilities to lead more promising tech startups to become ventures.

Tailored Information for Startups

We provide one-stop, tailored service for startups to solve initial difficulties in finance, law and patent, and support market penetration with liasing lawyers and patent attorneys. (linked with CCEI one-stop service)

Solving On-site Technical Challenges of SMEs

SOS 1379 (SMEs One-stop Service) is to support SMEs with lack of tech experts and information. Nearly 50 professional organizations including the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning cooperate with each other to serve as a research institute for SMEs.

Go to SOS 1379 (Korean only)

  • Systematic Support to Connect
    Startups to Global Markets

  • Diversified Startup Funds

  • Crowd funding for creative ideas; Technology financing based on technology evaluation; Expanded tax deduction for angel investment; Support for attracting investment by holding IRs at CCEIs

  • Boosting Withdrawals

  • Launching Korea New Exchange (KONEX) exclusively for ventures and SMEs, and developing the M&A process and M&A funds; Activities to promote and improve awareness of M&As

  • Incubating Programs to Give a Second Chance

  • Startups less than 5 years old are exempt from joint liability; Bad credit report is immediately deleted after credit repair; Fast-track corporate rehabilitation procedures; Raising the re-startup fund

  • Startup Support Programs

Strengthening Future Growth Engines
Creative Economy around The World / References
  • Support for Startups to Go Global

Attracting Outstanding Overseas Startups and Investors

  • The K-Startup Grand Challenge program discovers and nurtures promising global startups by supporting initial costs, office space and startup visas.
  • Developing the global exchange (startup exchange) programs which facilitate exchanges of startups at home and abroad

Establishing Specialized Districts for Global Businesses

  • Domestic and international startup hubs and programs are based on the specialized districts with Pangyo Startup Campus at the center
  • Companies with overseas partners attract overseas accelerators and global startup hubs. (KT-Gyeonggi Innovation Center attracted Orange Fab Korea. (moved in September, 2015))

Securing Global Talents

  • Supporting the startup job markets to stimulate employment of overseas talents
  • Professional consulting service to solve problems on overseas employment such as visas and international labor
  • Short-term internship and general recruitment (one year) of overseas talents to lead multinational startups in Korea
  • Inspiring The World – Korea’s Creative Economy

  • Global Role Model for Iannovation

  • Korea’s Creative Economy initiative was introduced as an exemplary national strategy for innovation in the OECD Innovation Strategy 2015, and Korea was ranked first in the EC’s Global Innovation Index 2014 and 2015 (for two consecutive years).

  • Global Exchanges & Partnerships

  • The CCEI model was benchmarked in Saudi Arabia to open “Inspire U” (Dec, 2015) and other countries such as Brazil, China, France and New Zealand have made exchanges and partnerships with the center in many ways.

  • Global Attention to the Startup Ecosystem in Korea

  • Global venture investors have run their branches in Korea such as Google’s Campus Seoul, Yozma Startup Campus and SAP Korea.

  • Globally Recognized Startups

  • TEGway was selected as one of the top 10 IT innovations by UNESCO in 2015.

  • DOT and IRIENCE won the ITU Telecom World Entrepreneurship Award in 2015.

  • References

  • Best Practices of the Creative Economy

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